We provide a variety of services customized to your event, including:


  • A signed contract.
  • No fees for set-up or breakdown.
  • No fees for travel within the Tri-Valley or Tracy areas.
  • A secondary unit with a lavaliere mic for ceremonies or events away from the main party.
  • State-of-the-art sound system equipment and tens of thousands of songs.
  • A compact lighting system.
  • A pre-event meeting - at no cost - to go over your event's schedule, including the specific music to be played or avoided, name pronunciations, assistance with itinerary events, and working according to how flexible or tightly your event is scheduled.

* Hip Hop & Rap             * Country            * Rock


* 70's, 80's, 90's              * Oldies              * Standards & Jazz


* Pop                                * Classical         * Hits from Various Holidays


* Celtic                             * Mash-ups        * Specialty & Novelty Music


If we don't have the music you require, we can rip songs from your cd, USB flash drive, download them from legal sites, or receive them from you via email.